Your Perfect Match

Before you continue reading, no this will not be a blog about finding that special person or relationship advice. If you are looking for that, you need to go check out our client, Chelli Pumphrey. Okay, if you are still with me, the kind of perfect match I'm talking about is a collaboration partner. No it's [...]

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Be The Expert.

If I came to you, the expert, and challenged all of your advice or didn't give you credit, what would you do? I'm going to guess you'd take 1 of these two routes: Option 1: Chuckle a little bit inside and assert that you are the expert. You know what's best and you would give me [...]

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The Grown Up Table

Being in a small three bedroom house with two dogs, two kids, and a husband, you can imagine why I daydream about owning a bigger house one day. It's not uncommon for me to be caught looking through the newest listings every week as I lay in bed. Some people like books to relax, I prefer [...]

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