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Angie Weber

After attending college at the University of Minnesota, Angie wasn’t sure where she would end up. Her internships helped her realize she wanted to be in the world of marketing, but she had no idea what was in store for her.

Time was spent looking for a job in all the wrong places, until she was introduced to Tena Pettis in 2010. The two sent their very first emails + had their very first meeting in the same day and Angie could tell this is what she had been waiting for. She jumped on board at tena.cious and has never turned back.

A committed and loyal member of the team, Angie has seen tena.cious from its baby stages to the current powerhouse of incredible minds it is. While she is sometimes known as ‘mini Tena’, she remains largely oblivious to the fact that most everyone in the office aspires to be a ‘mini Angie’.

Watching a business grow from the ground up, she has learned more about the processes, struggles, and successes than she could have ever imagined. Although entrepreneurship was never in her plans, she had the drive and heart as she took tena.cious on as if it was her own. Soon she discovered, even though she may not be an entrepreneur, there is no denying that she’s an intrapreneur.

Through her time at tena.cious and becoming a mother of twins, her goal is to make an impact in those she surrounds. She’s going after some big goals + can’t wait to tackle the challenges ahead.

As she continues down this path of discovery about leadership, motherhood, and intrapreneurship, she is excited to share her lessons of the ups and downs resulting in her personal + professional growth.



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