Go Drink By Yourself

Do you ever wish that someone could be in your head for just a tiny little bit during the day so they can understand all of the thoughts and craziness that goes through it? Ladies, I know you understand what I’m talking about here.

As we are getting closer to fall, even though our kids are not yet in school, I am craving a little bit more routine that comes with the changing leaves.

During the summer, while I was sitting outside with my husband enjoying the peace and quiet after the kids went down to bed, I asked him what stressed him out during the day. His reply, “I don’t know, I guess nothing really.”

Yes, my husband is pretty laid back, but just as he was saying that, there were already 10 different things running through my mind.

And I know I’m not the only one that this happens to as soon as your eyes open up in the morning.

“Did I make the coffee? What do I need to get ready for the kids? Where are those one pair of jeans? Who’s driving the kids? When do I need to sign up Addi for dance by? What meetings do I have today? Who do I need to follow up with today? What’s for dinner tonight? Do I need to stop at the store?”

And that’s the kind of stuff that goes through my brain before I even brush my teeth. So you can imagine how bad I’d love to switch brains with Mr. Weber for a day.

Yet, I feel like this is how I was living most days during the summer. I think the best comparison is for you to imagine you are in a washing machine- constantly being thrown around and around. The days went by way too fast and sometimes I would look and realize it was halfway through the month when I thought it had just begun. I guess that’s what can happen when you have three different business ventures you are growing at the same time- ha. 

So my conclusion of living way too many days and weeks like that… sometimes we need to make the decision to just go drink by ourself.

Let me explain further before you start sending me the number to AA…

After an amazing event I went to the other night, I had a million and one things running through my mind about tena.cious, sales, team culture, and our processes. That night the hubby was picking up the kids and I had a little open time. This left me with two choices.

Option 1: Go home, make dinner, maybe start on mowing the lawn, and get everything ready for the kids’ nightly routine.

Option 2: I could take advantage of this rare opportunity and go have a little me time.

I picked the ladder. I decided to go to the bar, have a drink, and just sit there… in silence. Yet, how many times have you been faced with these options and have picked the more “productive” one? Guilty! 

But sometimes we need to just stop, be by ourselves, and decompress. Especially if you are running your own biz, you’re a mama, you have other obligations, or you’re just busy (and really, who doesn’t feel this way sometimes).

So maybe your version of relaxation isn’t going to the bar, but rather a walk or going home and sitting in the silence of your home. Whatever it may be, put it in your schedule now and make it non-negotiable. (And that means no work! Trust me that one email can wait).

Life is too short to keep feeling like we’re continuously spinning out of control. Let’s push the pause button for a moment.

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