How are you feeling?

Do you ever realize how grateful you are for your health only once you’re sick?

Yep- me, too. 

We don’t realize how great we typically feel until we feel pretty darn crummy. Then, of course, that is when things get put into perspective.

If you are an entrepreneur, I’m going to assume some good ol’ quality me time isn’t high on your priority list. And thinking about going to the doctor… well, that’s absurd. “There’s way too much to do. Must.Keep.Going.”

Last month, it finally all caught up with me. I started feeling super out of it, to the point where I finally gave in and went to the doctor. They diagnosed me with vertigo, but thought there was something more because the symptoms had been appearing for over a year.

So, per the doctor’s requests, on I went to physical therapy, an MRI, and wearing a heart monitor. Apparently, I was trying to see how fast I could reach our out of pocket max before the end of the year! (I am happy to report they didn’t really find anything wrong with me.)

But the whole time I was going through this, I was feeling foggy, drowsy, and totally unlike myself. I had no motivation most days and could feel my concentration getting shorter and shorter.

Good news: I have been feeling a ton better lately. After giving it some time, it seems like I am finally back to my old self.

So was it vertigo? Maybe. All stress-induced? Could be- not sure. The point is that I have been looking at my health in a totally new light the last few weeks. (And it could be from the influence Amanda Riley has been having on me!)

This weekend, I woke up on Saturday and was ready to go all day. I put some Citrus Bliss + Spearmint in the diffuser (my new oil blend obsession), played with the kids, cleaned the house, started on bags for Days for Girls, and finished it off with a family dinner.

I finally felt like myself and it was glorious. 

So what does this have to do with business? 
Well, my word of the year is balance and health fits right in there. Not only because you can be more present for your family + just feel better all around, but if you keep pushing health to the bottom of the to-do list, you will never make it a priority. And in turn, that could put your whole balance into a tailspin.

And that is not good for business. 

December was a blur and I feel like I dropped the ball on a lot of things (just being honest here, peeps). Yet, if I would have put a little more focus on my health before, maybe last month could have been one of my best months ever. I guess we shall never know, but I will take it as a learning lesson.

So today, take a moment and focus on how amazing your health is + give yourself a little pat on the back for your body being so darn fantastic.

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