Collaboration. It could be your missing link.

One of my fav things about what I do is the people & opportunities that present themselves.

I have been totally focused on teaming up with the right biz partners for my different ventures to make a greater impact. And when you find that right fit, it’s like doors just start opening. (And if you’re not sure who that is, check out yesterday’s blog where I spill some great tips on finding that perfect match.)

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we can’t build a successful business on our own. We need others to help push and support us.

This can all lead to the beautiful thing called collaboration.

If you feel like you are stuck in your biz right now and you haven’t tried this yet- it could be the answer. Well, at least part of the answer.

And I just have to share the totally amazingly cool collaboration that I got to be a part of for today on Cyber Monday. (Can you tell I’m excited about this from the amount of adjectives I used in that last sentence?!)

I told you that I have totally become the crazy oil lady (yes, I’m proud to admit it) and this means I get to hang out with others just like me! *Cue in a total geek out moment.*

But back to the point- a bunch of us crazy oil lovers teamed up for an all day virtual event. We all went through and invited peeps and most importantly, all worked together to make this a success. There was no fighting, jealousy, or envy floating around this thing. It was just pure collaboration.

So, at the top of each hour from 9am-9pm, one person got on and talked for 15 minutes about a different use of oils. It was ah-mazing. The engagement in the group was out of this world and yes, there was business created from it, but more importantly, we got the word out about a natural alternative.

In other words, we made a pretty darn big impact. And you know how I feel about that! 

Do not shy away from collaboration. Embrace it. Look for it. As Nike would say, Just Do It. 

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