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Before you continue reading, no this will not be a blog about finding that special person or relationship advice. If you are looking for that, you need to go check out our client, Chelli Pumphrey.

Okay, if you are still with me, the kind of perfect match I’m talking about is a collaboration partner. No it’s not your next employee or contractor- this person is a biz owner too (or an intrapreneur) who is ready to team up, build together, and do some kick-butt events.

I remember I was sitting in an event Tena and Ursula were putting on. This was probably their millionth event together and every time the room was packed. I loved the energy, the content, and the way that it grew both businesses together.

Finally, I thought, “Hey. I want to do this. I want to find my own Ursula!”

So then began my search. And if you are going to start searching, I have a few things you want to consider:

They Are Complimentary
It’s great if they tell you what a great outfit you have on, but that’s not the kind of compliments I’m talking about. They need to have a biz with products/services that align with yours. A good way to measure this is too ask them who their idea client is. If there is an overlap, you are on the right track!

Make sure they are into it. 
Remember that time when you were in grade school + got teamed up with a horrible group on a project?! You felt like you were doing all the work. When you create events with people, if you are the one doing all the leg work, you might get burnt out. (Actually it’s not an if, it’s a when.) Find someone who is as passionate and focused as you are + magic will happen!

Don’t get too broad.
With so many amazing ideas coming from two totally awesome people, there’s a lot that you could cover. But we need to focus here, people. The topic of the event and your content need to be alined. I totally get it- I get the “squirrel moments” maybe a little too often, but you need to make sure you and your collab partner can be focused for your attendees- otherwise, it can lead to confusion all around.

Now, I will admit I have had some pretty darn good luck with my joint venture peeps.
But, you may have to try a few different events and team up with a few different people to find the right fit- if not more than one!

Still have no idea who to look for? Shoot me a message and I will help connect you with someone who might be your joint-venture-soul-mate.

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