Who are your products really for?

At least once a year the tena.cious team sets aside a few days to work ​on​ our business. We get totally focused on the things we need to do to make this brand management company even more awesome. ​Well, at least as focused as you can be with a bunch of gals hanging out for 2 days straight.

​With a few of these under our belt, we have learned there is some planning that has to be done before we jump in our yoga pants + pull out the snacks. ​Activate to-do list mode. 

​This time around, the leadership team decided to escape to The Lift Bridge Loft for a few days. It was a ​blast​! But more importantly we got ​a lot​ done.

One of the biggest things we needed to do was take a good, hard look at our services. Clients loved the stuff we do, but we had to ask ourselves one really important question.

Are our services really created for our ideal client? 

A long time ago, we sat down with our team and mapped exactly​ who we wanted to be working with. Remember, your target market is not everyone. ​This person, we call her Caitlyn, has to be on the top of our mind for ​everything​ we write, say, and create at tena.cious. ​

So the short answer to our question: no.

This was a little hard for me to wrap my brain around- especially when it came to our Brand Strategy Session (aka our signature service). We had put blood, sweat, and tears into this over the last few months to make it totally solid. (​Just kidding, there was no blood, but there may have been a few tears.) ​We had come up with a plan to jam pack it with tons of information and people were ​lovin’​ it.

So where’s the problem, right?

We have been overloading them with ​too much​ information. #MindBlown

​As much as we love everything we put into the sessions, the truth is: our ideal client doesn’t need to know all of it. In fact, they don’t even want to know all of it. They don’t care how the engine works, they just want it to get them from point A to point B.

​So over a beer, we mapped out exactly what our ideal client would want out of this session. ​Just because it’s a work retreat doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun, right? #Cheers

​As hard as it was to admit, we had to make a change – and we are pumped to have this new plan in place. More importantly, this means we can start attracting more “Caitlyns” because we are now totally providing her with exactly what she ​needs ​and​ wants.

So here’s my challenge to you: Take a look at your products and services. Are they for your ideal client or what you think ​that person wants?

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