01.10 – Aly Meech – Time to Get Personal

“The professional and personal life doesn’t always have to be separate.”” – Aly Meech

As we discussed in a past episode, intrapreneurship is a choice. When you make that decision, no need to wait for someone else to make the move- you can dub yourself an intrapreneur.  

We hear from my fellow intrapreneur at tena.cious, Aly Meech, on this episode as our last guest to wrap up Season 1 of TIL. But this should be no surprise after hearing her journey. 

While we are talking about leadership, interviews, and motivation, we are also getting personal. Yes, it is time to talk about that line of personal + professional life. Are you ready to dive in?

About ALY
Meet Aly Meech, Creative Director at tena.cious. Aly attended Bemidji State University for
her B.S. in Design Technology. After interning at tena.cious, securing her spot on
the team was a no-brainer. Her immense skill has cemented her graphic vision as
the de facto tena.cious visual brand. Curious about what Aly does in her free time?
Look no further than her Instagram. With her photography skills, she documents
every beautiful moment with her hubby + fur-baby (Luna), family + friends.

Want to hear more from ALY?
Follow her on Instagram at @UpMyAly or check out her blog.

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  1. Brittany krause February 2, 2016 at 10:51 am - Reply

    Aly, you said it best…I’ll do it, it’s easier if I just do it. I have been delegating more and wow don’t I feel more FREE! Way to go!!!

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