By golly, we’ve got it!

Do you ever just sit at your desk and think, “​I have a feakin’ awesome job!“?

It’s true that I have these moments a lot, but yesterday it was all because of the tena.cious team.

I know what you’re thinking– an office full of women, that must be D.R.A.M.A. Well, you’d be mistaken because we have a lot of fun in this office. ​Yes, those pictures on the tena.cious website are genuine. ​#tenaciousFamily

But getting a solid team that works together, and works together well – that’s easier said than done. And let me tell you, it took us awhile to form our solid team.

And I think we’ve finally got it right.

Adding to a team is an exciting (sometimes stressful) time! However, perfecting the way you bring them on is a whole other journey on its own.

At first, we would just interview someone with a few questions + throw ’em in there. #SinkOrSwim

Then we started figuring out we needed to do a little bit more. We starting implementing a few more interviews with the people we were interested in + added some more extensive training to our onboarding process.

Okay, so that started weeding out the “bad eggs” a little bit more, but we still weren’t there 100%.

And then – magically – it came to me… the best interviewee does not equal the best fit. #MindBlown

I quickly learned that, in interviews, people tend to tell you what they think you want to hear, and then once they get thrown in, it won’t be long until you realize: maybe they took the #FakeItTilYouMakeIt thing a little too far.

Now don’t get me wrong, we are all about teaching, guiding, and growing with people around here. (Believe me, I had to do a ​lot​ of growing over the past 5 years!)

After talking to Sarah Park from Edgar, I learned one important thing: if you aren’t willing to hand over the keys to your castle to that person from day one, they aren’t the right fit. (Sarah is filled with amazing interview tips!) Because it isn’t all about the one who answers best or the one with the polished resume… it’s knowing and believing that person is perfect for the job. Bonus tip: find out their why

And by golly– I think we’ve got it now! Our team is kicking off 2016 rockin’ and rollin’ + I can’t wait to see what happens this year!

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