01.07 – Sarah Park – Stop Making the Checklist

“Going in looking for someone who is just going to tick the boxes on the checklist means that you are still writing the checklist.” – Sarah Park

You know you have a great intrapreneur on your team when people start trying to figure out how to get one of their own. Laura Roeder, from Edgar, knows how that feels because she kept getting the question, “How do I find a Sarah?”

Sarah Park and I dig deep into one of the best ways to find these types of gems… having a kick butt interview process. She gives us the inside look on what they do over at Edgar and how you can apply these steps to make sure you are finding the perfect fit for your team. Here’s a tip- it might not always be the person who interviews the best.

Not only does she get to help create a team that is unstoppable, but she has the unique task of keeping them all motivated + working together. Easier said then done for a team that is completely remote! (Don’t worry she has tips on that, too!)

Tune in as Sarah dishes out on interviews, team motivation, and more!

*UPDATE* Since the episode a few changes have happened over at Edgar. So instead of the freebie, Sarah is giving you a link to get a VIP spot to check out Edgar.

Sarah Park handles Operations at Edgar, a social media tool that helps you schedule smarter, saves you time, and gets your updates in front of a wider audience.

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